Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ever heard about Silver?best band of the underworld in my eyes.As I'm flying to Oslo to see them for the ¿6th? time next friday,I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce 'em to all of you.Who said love at first sight doesn't exist? This Norwegian band blew my mind the first time I heard them,clever punkrock with shades of metal straight from hell,mainly inspired by the anger and frustration of Peter Larsson(bassist)and Tommy(guitarist),and of course their lead singer,Ivar Nikolaisen"Blanco",who leaves in a cabin with no water or electricity in the outskirts of the forgotten city of Oslo.Dark and depressing as the Norwegian winter,Silver's lyrics and music penetrate into a world of deep torture with the inner-self and the incapabilty of fitting in a society based on vanity and selfishness and a global world manipulated by the media.Silver don't give us no hope,but at least makes us realize we live in a rotten world and what people care about is not what's important.Personally,as identified as I feel with their songs because of my tragic and pessimistic idividuality,they provide my negativity and depressing state of mind with a certain romantic feeling that makes me feel attached to that hopeless-ity in some way,and surrounds me with a contradictory feeling of happines for not belonging neither wanting to belong to a fake sinking world.My devotion to the band is very strong,due to their intelligence and humility.Silver is raw,shitty,incredibly brutal,endless mental decadence.A band like this could only emerge from a city like Oslo,where dealers sell drugs in the central city square in front of the police and the only joy you can have during 8 months of freezing temperatures is getting as high as you can as soon as the weak sun goes down.Lenge leve Silver!!


sammy tylerose said...

Reading your post seems that you'll comite suicide in 5 minutes. Don't get fooled, guys and dolls, Sergio has a hidden Sunny California - Motley Crued side too!

We want your first posts back! And start typing 'bout porno, please.

S said...

Found this blog when I googled the band. Best band in Oslo - Norway! Going to see them for the 6th time this friday. (I'm from the Oslo area). Can't wait! Yeah!!