Monday, October 19, 2009

Drinks that kill (part 1)

I hardly drink anymore.Makes me take wrong decissions and fucks my body up.But there was a time that I used to,and I was attracted by the mystic of certain drinks.The liquors that follow may not be the strongest in the market,but they sure can be one of the most dangerous due to other peculiarities:


Finland is a country of hard drinkers.Known for their big repertoire of great Vodkas,their first cause of death over cardio deseases and cancer is alcohol.But there is this one drink that has that little extra charisma,it's called Koskenkorva.
It flows at home parties and clubs,and the first time I drank it I didn't know I'd remember for life.Their tastiest variety is called Salmiakki,I really hate the flavour bout finnish people go crazy with it.It's creation was inspired by a chapter of The Simpsons where Homer Simpson invents a new cocktail, the Flaming Moe, which is a huge hit and earns Moe a fortune.The cocktail consisted of cough medicine amongst other ingredients.The original mixture of Salmiakki contains black licorice and cough medicine.An urban legend says there was a teenager in the 90's who suffered a heart attack as a result of drinking it.The finnish government banned the drink for 5 years,but that only made it even more attractive to the masses.It has some dangerous properties:it masks the presence of ethanol, and the drinker may not realize he is consuming drink with almost 40% alcohol by volume (80-proof),leading to more-than-possible over consumption.


In Germany and Scandinavia it's so hyped that it's a common practice to get a Jagger shot with every beer you ask for and get quickly shit-faced.I drank 12 shots in a 15 minute period,and the results were devastating.It tastes like dated mouthwash.At first people used to think it contained deer blood.A shot glass of Jägermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull energy drink makes a cocktail called a Jägerbomb(aka Jägerbull or Bull Blaster).Originally marketed as a medicinal product,it was suggested as a cure for everything from coughing to digestive problems.It was used in World War II as a field anesthetic.It is also commonly used in small quantities around the home as an insect trap because flies and wasps are drawn to it.Drink VERY cold.


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