Monday, October 19, 2009

Drinks that kill (part 2)


The perfect drug.The artists' drink.A way to expand consciousness.Causes muscle spasms and anxiety disorders.Ever heard about the green fairy? just get a bottle of good old'absinth and it'll become your best friend.Illegal in the United States since 1912.Today, those who want the real stuff smuggle bottles from the Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal-countries where absinthe is either produced or available.Absinthe was celebrated in paintings by Picasso, Degas, Van Gogh, and was eulogized by poets Verlaine, Baudelaire, and Rimbaud.The most controversial aspect of absinthe is the question of its so-called secondary effects.Oscar Wilde wrote:

“The first stage is like ordinary drinking, the second when you begin to see monstrous and cruel things, but if you can persevere you will enter in upon the third stage where you see things that you want to see, wonderful curious things.Take a top-hat! You think you see it as it really is. But you don't, because you associate it with other things and ideas. If you had never heard of one before,and suddenly saw it alone,you'd be frightened,or laugh.That is the effect absinthe has, and that is why it drives men mad".

Absinthe is portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug.Generally,it can best be described as a kind of heightened clarity of mind and vision warmed by the effect of the alcohol,a lucid drunkenness with an apparent clarity of mind commonly accounted for by it's combination of both stimulant and sedative qualities.Some users report unusually vivid dreams.The addiction to it is called absinthism.Traditionally served with water and a cube of sugar,the sugar cube is placed on an absinthe spoon, and the liquor is drizzled over the sugar into the glass of water.A personal advice: 3 glasses is enough.