Monday, October 12, 2009

Embrace the mosh pit !

"Moshing or slamming refers to the activity in which audience members at live music performances aggressively push or slam into each other. Moshing is frequently accompanied by stage diving, crowd surfing, mic swinging, instrument smashing, and headbanging"

Ohh the pogo !! now that is fun!! What can be more liberating than pushing and hitting everyone around you,surf over a crowd,or go on stage and jump into a sea of people?Sure you can end with the ocasional broken bone here and there but I've been doing it for years and I only got a broken lip once and the unevitable bruises all over the body.Some people can't understand this kind of dance and they see it as bunch of retarded cunts being violent,but as I see it,it's totally the opposite.It's a release of bad energy,you gather all your problems and frustrations and take'em all out at once,ending up with a peaceful feeling inside of you.I'm not saying that smashing agressively the people around you in a concert is something we should be proud of,but I feel it's a good way to let loose and get your kicks,while others do it picking up fights at clubs,beating up their wives,or using a gun.
In The Filth and the Fury, Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious claims that he invented the pogo sometime around 1976. At punk shows in the early days of London's punk scene, Vicious wanted to dance to the Sex Pistols before he was a Pistol himself but he couldn't dance so he started jumping up and down and pogoing was born. Whether Vicious actually invented the dance or not, the pogo quickly became closely associated with punk rock.An uninformed person might get the impression that the dancers are attacking one another. People sometimes get injured when pogoing, but, more often than not, pogoers who fall to the ground are helped up instead of getting stepped on.There is a general understanding that the pogo is fun, not a fight,and it is taboo to hurt in purpose.The moshing technics have evolved during the years,but I would say circle pits are my favourite and most fun.Walls of death would be the most brutal in my opinion.Here is a video and some pics of the highest stage diving caught on camera,performed by the singer of the californian band Boy hits car.Stay in the pit!


L´Esbarzer said...

Sorry not my cup of tea!! I don´t have problems with a "standard" pogo, but I don´t like "hardcore" pogos like in hte vid.
I hate stage diving and crowd surfing. For year I "stole" the sneakers of the surfers in the middle of the mayhem. Fuck´em I don´t like them!!

By teh way, why you eraseD your post about anal sex, hehehe?

Anonymous said...

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