Thursday, October 22, 2009


Letter from a young man

So,like dudes!!! how awesome is music? like,ALL music!!! Music is what makes your fucking world go' round! Music is what cheers you up when your girlfriend sucks!!!You know?
I mean,let's say you have this favourite band,and,like,all of their music is your favourite shit! Like,you know every song,all the words,everything about the LOVE them!!! One day you hear that they're coming into town and they're going to play this big concert,you know? So,like,you're super excited and you immediately slam down your 25$ to see this group!
So,like,the concert night is slowly approaching and every day you're thinking about how awesome it's going to be! I mean this is,like,YOUR FAVOURITE BAND!!! You know? So finally after three weeks of waiting,it's concert night!! You get out of work early and head out to your friend's house to get ready for the show! Your friend is excited too,but not quite as excited as you because,like,this is your favourite band and you've never seen them in concert before!
So,like,there is a feeling of fucking in the air as the two of you drive out to the concert! You've got a mix tape of the band's best songs playing on the car stereo and you can hardly wait to get to the fucking place! Finally you pull into the parking lot! There are tons of other cars pulling in too,and you have trouble finding a parking space,but finally you get one near the end of the lot! You jump out of the car and start hightailing it to the fucking entrance! It's awesome cuz as you're running you can hear other people's stereos playing the band's songs,and other people talking about how awesome the band was the last time they played!!! You can hardly wait to get into the fucking place,and after about ten minutes of waiting in line you finally get to the main concert space!!!AWESOME!!!
The excitement is at a blistering level now! There is an opening band playing,but no one really cares about them...YOU JUST WANT TO SEE THE MAIN ACT!!!THE BAND YOU CAME TO SEE!!! So finally the opening band packs up their shit and the stage is set for the headliner... All of a sudden the house lights go down and the band comes out!!! IT'S INSANE!!! They rip into your favourite song right off the bat!!! You completely lose your shit and start dancing around like a fucking madman,but it rules cuz,like,everyone else is going nuts too!!!
You go to a fucking music show to tear shit up and dance the fucking world into pieces!!! So,like,don't go to a show and like get pissed off because some awesome dude is acting like an idiot and running circles around you and your lame-ass,gay-ass friends while you stand there "trying to enjoy music".FUCK THAT SHIT!!! I hope you get slam-danced into your grave you tired old soft-boy!!! LET'S GET A PARTY GOING!!! Every fucking show should be a fucking party!!!

Written by Vice mag

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L´Esbarzer said...

Hey, yesterday night I went to see The Jim Jones Revue and after a while a pretty, sweet, girlfriend of a "gafapasta" asked me: you get sick after jumping and headbanging, don´t you?

No, no, no, I said, I´m use and this is RnR. Is the way it is.