Sunday, November 22, 2009

Backyard Babies calls it a day!!

The band that changed my life for good or bad is gonna call it quits after the next european tour.Little did I know before the night I first saw them now 10 years ago that I would be so shocked by their music,their looks and their bad-ass attitude that I would quit everything and move to Sweden to follow their steps.Too bad I didn't get the same results!! "I have been touring for 20 years and I'm satisfied with that.Now I wish for a different live,more secure and stable" -Nicke Borg declares to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in an interview.The band hasn't been making a lot of money with the last 2 albums and Nicke wants to look for more stable ways to make a living.He also says that it has been quite a freeing decision for all the band members.Dregen just got married with the also swedish singer Pernilla Andersson.They are taking a break for an "unknown period of time".
That's quite sad news,but understandable,their carrer went down low since Making enemies is good.I'm not gonna talk about their last albums,I will always remember them as when they were the best band in the planet,1997-2001.Total 13 is probably one of the best punkrock albums ever made,all the rockers from my generation wanted to look like Dregen and be just as cool as him.They made an impact on my teenage mind and on thousands of other young and not so young people,being the coolest band in Europe for a decade.They leaded the Scandinavian wave of rock n roll,being the last ones surviving,when The Hellacopters and Gluecifer have already quited and Turbonegro being pretty much dead.They put Sweden in the map for the rest of the world,swedish people owes them that no one thinks anymore that they're country is called Switzerland,have polar bears in the street and 6 months a year without sun.

Thanks for the good times Backyard Babies !!

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L´Esbarzer said...

all the rockers from my generation wanted to look like Dregen and be just as cool as him.
You got it.

It´s sad when you love a band and they quit!