Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GG Allin: Carnival of excess

What a character.He definitely was the real deal,the most decadent punk in the history of mankind.Allin was addicted to heroin and alcohol and generally abused any intoxicants provided to him,sometimes taking pills without even asking what they were.His hygiene was atrocious and he only rarely bathed.He was extremely individualist and anti-authoritarian.We all know his notorious live performances which typically featured wildly transgressive acts,such as Allin defecating and urinating onstage,rolling in feces and often consuming excrement,performing naked,committing self-injury,and attacking audience members.But there is another side of this anti-society monster that not everyone knows of: Instead of his usual scumfuck punk albums,he recorded a Country & honky-tonk rock & roll record,Carnival Of Excess.Only 100 hand numbered copies were made,and the result is superb.His cover of Warren Zevon's "Carmelita" is way better than the original.Even Hank Williams III covers a song of this record,the outstanding first track,outskirts of life.

You can download it here

Even more unkown is his also acoustic country ep The Troubled Troubadour,wich is also a must-have for any GG fan,pretty awesome work.

Download it here

Check out this classic GG video from the infamous DVD Hated,where we can enjoy a short clip of Carmelita and an interesting interview where he talks about his lifestyle and his possessions.The world needs people like you GG,live fast,die.


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