Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ginger and The Wildhearts

How could you not possibly love this band? The ultimate mixture between hard rock,punk and melodic pop music.Arguably the best band of the 90's.Never achieving comercial succes,they are condemned to live in tour busses and eat service station food.If we had to describe the band's story,unpredictable and turbulent would be the words.The band splits every 5 minutes, with the only constant member being the band's founder Ginger (real name David Walls), the singer, guitarist and predominant songwriter.The story is told like this: he got sacked from The Quireboys after other members didn't want him in the band because he drank too much and his guitar style was too heavy.He had a life-changing experience immediately after leaving Quireboys manager Sharon Osborne's office,when he fell down some stairs in a tube station clutching his only possession,a bottle of Jack Daniels.As the bottle fell,he decided that he would suicide if it broke,or start a new band if it didn't.The bottle was intact...True story or legend,he formed The Wildhearts,the best Punk-Hard Rock-Pop band in history.Love,friendship and drugs are the theme of most of their songs,always from an honest and down to earth point of view.Depression,drugs,drugs and more drugs have been a shadow over the band from the first day,specially heroin.Nowadays we can enjoy a drug-free Ginger(at least hard drugs-free)giving his best performance and touring around the world with his new Wildhearts line-up.Ginger is polite and friendly,nothing to do with this image of rock stars as being huge,muscle bound creatures that are part man,part myth.But hey,he is just as cool as them.


sammy tylerose said...

The word "underrated" was invented to describe Ginger's position in Rock N'Roll business. In Spain a huge sector of local rock n' rollers, without any solid reason, even hate them! Probably the world will never appreciate his talent, but I don't care. They're a kind of little secret for us, the choosen ones, the Wildhearts' bunch of loyal fans!

m i r a c l e said...

Ginger über alles! right on man! <3