Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sorry and the Sinatras

Scott Sorry,bassist of The Wildhearts,ex-Amen and ex-Brides of destruction,is my favourite man out there at the moment.He gathered with some homeless punks(some of them ex-Trashlight Vision)and released the best action-rock-garage-punk album I've heard since Supershitty to the max.I thought the music I love the most was completely extinct,but this guy proves that there still are some drunk fuckups capable of playing adrenaline junkie rock and make you bang your head against the walls of your bedroom.They know they are barely gonna earn enough dough to pay for their strings,but they play as if their lives and their dinners depended on it.With most guys in the band probably still living with their parents at the age of 31,they give us a lesson of flat-out,high-energy,no-holds-barred,no-quarter-given,balls-to-the-wall,dirty and dangerous rock and roll,the way it's supossed to be.The album,Highball Roller,makes us wanna sleep in the car,get ugly tattoos and buy the cheapest heroine.Go in and listen to "Gimme more".Now if it doesn't make you shake,you are either deaf or dead.Just a curiosity: Scott tattooed the word "sorry" on his throat after chicks kept being angry at him,so that he wouldn't have to carry on saying sorry to everyone.


L´Esbarzer said...

They sound interesting. But I´m not into that kind of bands now. Maybe next time, ´cause these days I´m into CCR and Otis Redding, a sin for you I think.

Anonymous said...
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