Monday, December 21, 2009

Destruction !!

I am totally against violence.There's nothing I hate more than getting into a fight.But chaos and can't you love that!! I know it's all fun till someone loses an eye,but isn't it liberating? Feel like the king of the world for a minute and burn down some cars,smash some windows and vandalize a couple of shops...They are gonna repair it later with my tax money anyway so let's at least join the party!! Any excuse is valid: your local team winning a title,a demonstration of climate change protesters,globalization,changes in the education system...
Here we have a video that The Exploited made out of their no-show gig in Montreal,Canada,after punk rockers rioted in the streets when a show by them and Total Chaos was canceled 'cause members of the band were denied entry into the country by customs officials.

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