Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crank County Daredevils

Raw.Punk.Dirt.Shit.Fuck.I can only mumble those words after attending a Crank County Daredevils show.Agressive southern rock that would put Motorhead to bed.They are definitely not gonna have a hit ballad on MTV.Their thing is sweating,snorting,drinking and fucking while they deliver monochord crazyness.Isn't it good when there still are bands like that around? roaring like a Harley down the highway,shredding eardrums along the way,their live show is such a blast.But their partying is totally out of control.Their bass player is a rock n roll animal like I haven't seen before,behaving on and off stage like a gargoyle on crystal meth,drunker than drunkest,destroying their own merchandise stand.
Yeh,the sound is distorted,the drums are distorted,the vocals distorted,their lifes are distorted and their guitars feeding back continuously-it sounds like they were all pumped up on very cheap Speed.Well,So What!This ain't Guns & Roses losers,this is Crank County,bitch.


L´Esbarzer said...

Oh fuck!! I missed the show. I can´t be in two different places at the same time!!!


Sergio Crime said...

Sammy Dirty,Alvar and Ofersan missed you