Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And they say he’s losing endorsements

True, Tiger Woods clearly has other things to worry about right now, but this is crazy.Someone spotted these for sale in Dallas, not on the street or in some shady spot, but in the hotel gift shop!

They are “Special Edition Tiger Condoms,” with a tag line of “Protect Your Wood.” Again, we’re no lawyers here, but we can’t imagine that this is legal, right?

A quick look at their site reveals a few other things, mostly more ridiculous tag lines and this disclaimer:

Tiger condoms will not protect you from car accidents or Swedish super models.Any impression that Tiger Woods has endorsed or used this product with any of his transgressions is purely your own.This product has not been endorsed by Tiger Woods.Tiger Condoms are a creation of Practice Safe Policy.A portion of each sale will be donated to golf charities in the USA.

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