Saturday, February 6, 2010

Child predators caught

Hilarious reality Tv show called "to catch a predator" in which men are lured to meet with a decoy under the pretense of sexual contact.These adults contact the underage girls over the net and they are,eventually,subsequently led to believe that the supposed minor is home alone,and come inside the house in question seeking sexual activity from the decoy. Soon after meeting the decoy, they are confronted by our main man Chris Hansen when the decoy leaves the room.Hansen attempts to interview each one at length about their intentions, whereupon the predators in question are free to make the choice to refuse to respond. Some exit the home immediately upon seeing Hansen, because they recognize that he is clearly not a teenager, or they have seen him in previous investigations.Arrests are sometimes made in a dramatic fashion by multiple officers who,with tasers drawn,ambush the suspect and command him to lie face-down on the ground before being handcuffed.Charges are pressed again these men.

Sometimes you can't even feel but sorry for these guys when they get tricked by these super hot decoys!!

Even more amazing is this poor little guy who gets caught for the second time!! LOL

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L´Esbarzer said...

Sick, bro, real sick!