Monday, February 8, 2010

Couple Caught Having Sex At MÖTLEY CRÜE Concert

According to Ross Romaniuk from the, video has surfaced showing a man and woman engaging in a raunchy act of sexual nature at the downtown arena last Friday night (January 29th) during a MÖTLEY CRÜE concert.
After the video - shot by another patron - was posted on YouTube, MTS Centre spokesman Scott Brown confirmed Wednesday the incident happened early in the rock band’s show before security staff ushered a man and woman out of their seats in the upper bowl and ejected them from the building.
“We were made aware of it as soon as people were able to,” Brown said. “It’s disappointing that someone would engage in that kind of behaviour in such a crowded forum, like an arena during a concert.”
In the video, before security intervenes, the blond woman is on top of someone - and facing him or her - in a seat for some time, aggressively grinding her hips against them while several spectators watch. When the couple are ushered out, other patrons cheer - or jeer, depending on who is asked.
The action lasted for four songs,and the woman had time to perform with another woman.Needless to say that I support public sex and that a Crue concert is the perfect place for a wild fuck!!If only Tommy had seen them.He would have probably joined the party.

Watch it here

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